Matthew C. Lewis, Esquire

Matthew C. Lewis, Esq. is the author of LLC QuickStart Guide

Matthew C. Lewis, Esquire, is a small business attorney who has helped over 250 companies of all sizes get started and protect their assets. A business owner and entrepreneur himself, Matthew has a deep understanding of the rewards of starting your own company as well as the pitfalls and challenges faced by new entrepreneurs. Matthew works closely with business owners as counsel and consultant, serving the Texarkana area and beyond.

An excellent tool for small business owners and entrepreneurs"

About LLC QuickStart Guide

Forming an LLC professionalizes your business and protects your personal assets.

We live in an unprecedented time when starting a business has never been easier—and securing the future of your business has never been more critical. LLC formation is a crucial step for entrepreneurs who want to limit personal liability, manage risk, and sleep soundly knowing that their assets are shielded from punishing litigation or relentless creditors.

 In LLC QuickStart Guide, author and small business attorney Matthew C. Lewis demystifies the business creation and LLC formation process for new and existing entrepreneurs. Drawing from his experience as counsel for over 250 companies of all sizes, Matthew speaks clearly to the specific concerns entrepreneurs have about the LLC formation process, pitfalls to avoid, and what every owner needs to know to secure the future of their business.