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Everyone should learn to program... because it teaches you how to think.
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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Learn Python

Python is the #1 in-demand programming language for 2023 and demand is growing! Learn the language that powers the services of household names like Google, Netflix, and Spotify along with tech pioneers like NASA, IBM, and Intel.

  • Python is the fastest growing, most popular programming language in 2023
  • Python is used in a multitude of industries – from tech and finance to academia
  • Python is a versatile language – games, automation, apps to AI and more – you can do it all with Python!
  • According to Indeed, Python developers earn an average salary of $114,073 in April 2023


QuickStart Guides are books for beginners, written by experts.

QuickStart Guides are the #1 book series for beginners who need to learn a new skill. Each QuickStart Guide is written by leading experts and are designed for maximum reader comprehension and immediate application. Put what you’ve learned into practice with hands-on exercises, in-depth tutorials, and amazing online resources.

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Written by an Expert, for Beginners Engaging Callouts Enhance Comprehension and Encourage Retention Reader-friendly Tables, Charts, Illustrations and Graphics Online Resources Including All Source Code and Cheatsheets

What’s Covered in Python QuickStart Guide


Getting Started with Python

No programming experience? No problem. Get all the software setup and learn the fundamentals of python so you can write your first line of working code!

Chapters: 4

Pages: 66


Functions and Classes

Explore functions and classes in Python and learn about the object-oriented programming paradigm which will empower you to solve complex problems with simple yet logically organized code!

Chapters: 5

Pages: 76


Python in Action

Explore python functionality like math, statistics, input/out and interacting with the internet. Tour several popular website frameworks and learn about debugging techniques.

Chapters: 5

Pages: 85


Advanced Python

Finish your journey by learning about interfacing with databases, test-driven deployment, managing source code with Git and optimization. Learn a cornucopia of additional functionality you’ll use in your everyday python work.

Chapters: 7

Pages: 80

What You'll Learn in Python QuickStart Guide

Build a functioning game in Python!

Dive right into Python programming language with a hands-on project that progresses as you work your way through the book. Follow along the coding exercises and by the end you’ll have created a fully functioning game in Python!

Access to All Code in Github

Join the largest community of professional coders and familiarize yourself with the beginner-friendly, industry-standard code collaboration platform Github. Get immediate, unrestricted access to all code used in tutorials and exercises

Write Clean, Optimized Code

Set yourself for success on day one and develop good coding habits. Create clean, clear, and optimized code that's easy for you and others to understand and maintain. Apply these fundamentals to Python and all other programming languages.

Beginner Programming Essentials

Python skills translate across a variety of programming languages. Learn and implement programming best practices that you will take with you when you learn your next coding language or sit down for an interview.

Code Along with the Author via QuickClips

We know how valuable video content is to learning a new programming langague, so we’ve included high-quality video tutorials for you to follow along with the author as you set up your environment, code your game and more!

Practical Python Programming Applications

No one can learn to program on theory alone. Put what you learn into action right away and learn how to use Python in real world situations writing your own lines of code.

Go Beyond the Book with QuickClips™

Set up your Python environment and code alongside the author via the high-quality QuickClip videos accessible throughout Python QuickStart Guide.

Jump straight to the video by scanning the QR code on your phone or entering the URL into your browser on any device!

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Kickstarting Your Programming Carrer With Python

Launching a new career as a programmer starts with a good coding foundation. Stand out from the crowd and learn how to position yourself for professional success with Python.

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Who Is Python Quickstart Guide For?

People Looking For a Career Change

Python is beginner-friendly and an in-demand skill - it's the perfect place to start!

People Looking to Advance Current Career 

Almost every industry uses Python in some capacity. Add Python to your skillset to stand out from the pack to become more valuable and earn more!

Beginner Programmers

Recently started your programming journey? The hands-on learning provided by Python QuickStart Guide will expediate your education and put you on the path to long-term programming success!

Experienced Programmers Who Need a Refresher

Refresh and expand upon what you already know to take your Python skills to a new level with industry standard coding best practices and deployment techniques.

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About the Author

Robert Oliver 

Robert W. Oliver II is a senior developer and DevOps consultant with over two decades of experience in the field. A truly full-stack programmer, Robert has architected both front-end and back-end systems and designed algorithms used in technologies operating at scales ranging from small to enterprise. With decades of experience working in Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, C/C++, Rust, and C#, he is fluent in the languages of programming and system design.


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