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Grow Profits, Build Systems, and Scale Your Business

The Sequel to Starting a Business QuickStart Guide

This book has taught thousands how to:

  • Ignite, control, and sustain business growth.
  • Utilize valuble time management skills and live a self-actualized life.  
  • Be a better leader - inspire your team, delegate effectively, and achieve your goals.
  • Measure and improve day-to-day success, standardize procedures, and scale profitability.
  • Hire the perfect team, accelerate business innovation, and grow your bottom line.

Ken Colwell, PhD., MBA

About the Author

Dr. Colwell is currently dean of the University of Houston-Victoria School of Business Administration. He has held past decanal posts at School of Business at Central Connecticut State University and the School of Business, Public Administration and Information Sciences at Long Island University–Brooklyn.

Prior to taking his current decanal post, he was the director of entrepreneurship programs at the University of Miami School of Business Administration and a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at Drexel University. Dr. Colwell holds a PhD in strategic management from the University of Oregon and an MBA from San Francisco State University.

He has taught strategic management, entrepreneurship, new venture planning, and entrepreneurial consulting at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels.


Getting Yourself Ready for Growth

Prepare yourself and your business for growith.

Chapters: 3

Pages: 59


Manuvering Your Business for Growth

Expand your offers and make necessary pivots to be in the best position to grow.

Chapters: 4

Pages: 77


Strategic Issues in Growing Your Business

Growing pains are normal in business - learn how to overcome these challenges

Chapters: 5

Pages: 67


Leverage the Power of Digital Marketing to Grow your Business

This book has taught thousands how to:

  • Use timeless marketing basics effectivley in digital spaces.
  • Leverage digital marketing tools to stay ahead of competitors.
  • Organize and implement campaigns that reach and convert at scale.
  • Structure your digital marketing strategy to save money and get results.
  • Use social, email, cost-effective advertising, SEO, and more to grow your business!

Benjamin Sweeney

About the Author

Benjamin Sweeney is a digital marketer and author with over a decade of digital marketing experience. He maintains a focus on the business sphere that draws from scholarly research and on practical experience from time spent as an entrepreneur and consultant.

With well over one million written words under his belt and a marketing role that has him sending more than a million emails a year, Ben knows what it takes to get more customers for a small business, no matter what industry they’re in.


Digital Marketing 101

Start from the ground floor and master the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Chapters: 4

Pages: 90


Tools of the Trade

Learn exactly which tools will help you grow your business online.

Chapters: 5

Pages: 76



Follow through on what you learned to start and manage an online marketing campaign.

Chapters: 2

Pages: 85

BOOK 3 of 3

Master Key Small Business Accounting Fundamentals

This book has taught thousands how to:

  • Develop systems to manage key financial metrics of their business
  • The logic and methods of classic double-entry accounting – what it is and how to apply it.
  • Understand business entity types: thier pros, their cons, and their essential financial statements.
  • Utilize financial accounting, managerial accounting, and tax accounting to maintain and grow their business.
  • Fraud-proof your business using simple accounting tactics.

Josh Bauerle, CPA

About the Author

Over the course of his ten-plus years in the industry, Josh has experienced a wide range of roles in the accounting world: cost accountant at a Fortune 500 company, auditor and tax preparer at a public accounting firm, financial advisor and, finally, owner of his own firm. This experience has allowed him to see firsthand the importance of proper accounting at all levels of business, from the billion-dollar companies to the guy starting an Amazon store from his basement.

Since 2012, Josh has become a sought-after expert in the accounting and tax industry, appearing on some of the largest business podcasts in the country and on national TV shows.


Financial Statement Fundamentals

Learn accounting fundamentals and how to read common financial statements and how to use accounting as a business tool.

Chapters: 4

Pages: 92


Accounting In Practice

Learn how to record and track business transactions, how to keep your accounting simple and straightforward, and how to keep the needs of your business in focus.

Chapters: 3

Pages: 33


Managerial Accounting

Build on what you have learned and prepare for tax season, learn how to use accounting as a tool to detect and prevent fraud, and how to select and implement the right accounting software.

Chapters: 4

Pages: 42

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This book is my new bible. It's just so fantastic. I did not want to read a book about personal finance, bit I just couldn't put this down.



This book is written by people who know the stock market, who understand it ... it's written in plain English for people like me.



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Powerful Downloadable Resources FREE With Your Purchase

Digital Marketing Toolkit

Finding the right tools and services for digital marketing can be daunting. We've compiled our favorites into one expansive reference, complete with descriptions, links and insights to bring your marketing to the next level.

Facebook Advertising Walkthrough

Use this indispensable step-by-step guide to create your own targeted Facebook Ads to find new customers, launch new products and reach millions of users on Facebook and Instagram.  

Business Valuation Workbook

Understand the true worth of your business, woo investors, or even evaluate businesses you might want to acquire. This comprehensive tool demystifies the business valuation process and makes valuing any business easy.  

One Page Digital Marketing Plan

Utilize this strategic marketing worksheet to develop your marketing plan in a succinct manner and plan the next steps to marketing success.    

Due Diligence Checklist

Prepare your business for investor scrutiny, valuation, or even to leave no stone unturned when determining a valuation for a business you would like to buy.     

Accounting Ratio Cheat Sheet

Know your numbers, know your business. All of the most important accounting formulas you need to know for your business in a single, handy location. 

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