Elisa Zheng Covington, MBA

Elisa Zheng Covington is the founder and CEO of Transform Real Estate Investments LLC.

She is an author, real estate investor, developer, and real estate influencer in the San Francisco Bay Area. She flips as many as ten houses every year with a profit target of six figures or more on each flip. Using proven tactics to maximize profits while flipping on a budget, Elisa is a leading real estate investor and fix-and-flip educator with a dedicated following. Learn more about Elisa’s business at www.transformrealestate.com or follow her on Instagram (@transformrealestate) and subscribe to her YouTube channel, Transform Real Estate, for even more fix-and-flip content.

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About Flipping Houses QuickStart Guide

What could flipping just one house a year help you accomplish?

House flippers are real estate investors who don’t believe in waiting years to turn a profit. For decades, fix-and-flip strategies have been the number one way to capitalize on the fluctuating housing market with minimal investing experience or little to no cash on hand.

As a real estate investor, developer, and influencer, author Elisa Zheng Covington knows exactly what it takes to find great properties, minimize risk, and turn a profit quickly. Drawn from her extensive experience in profitably fixing and flipping homes in a high-competition market, Flipping Houses QuickStart Guide is packed with actionable insight that applies to nearly any real estate market, regardless of whether that market is up or down.

The book provides the full roadmap in the real estate investing cycle from A-Z ... The book is motivational in spirit and if you think you have it in you to start buying houses or sharpen the existing system in place, this book is for you.

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