Robert Oliver

Robert W. Oliver II is a senior developer and the author of Python QuickStart Guide.

Robert W. Oliver II is a senior developer and DevOps consultant with over two decades of experience in the field. A truly full-stack programmer, Robert has architected both front-end and back-end systems and designed algorithms used in technologies operating at scales ranging from small to enterprise. With decades of experience working in Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, C/C++, Rust, and C#, he is fluent in the languages of programming and system design.

Oliver offers a comprehensive guide to one of the world’s most important programming languages in this nonfiction work..”

- Kirkus Reviews

About Python QuickStart Guide

Learning Python opens the door to a world of programming possibilities.

From AI and machine learning to video game, app, and web development, Python is a critical behind-the-scenes component of everyday technology.

Python powers the services of household names like Google, Netflix, and Spotify along with tech pioneers like NASA, IBM, and Intel. Put simply, Python is the in-demand and easy-to-learn programming language that gets stuff done.

In Python QuickStart Guide, senior developer and programmer Robert Oliver lays out the quickest and most accessible path yet to the mastery of Python fundamentals.