Benjamin Sweeney

Benjamin Sweeney is the author of Digital Marketing Quickstart Guide

Benjamin Sweeney is a digital marketer and author with over a decade of digital marketing experience. He maintains a focus on the business sphere that draws from scholarly research and on practical experience from time spent as an entrepreneur and consultant. With well over one million written words under his belt and a marketing role that has him sending more than a million emails a year, Ben knows what it takes to get more customers for a small business, no matter what industry they’re in.

A powerful, no-nonsense breakdown of a key aspect of modern business."

- Kirkus Reviews

About Digital Marketing QuickStart Guide

The future of business growth is digital. Are you prepared?

Digital marketers tap into an unprecedented ability to discover and reach motivated customers at scale. Now more than ever, digital marketing strategies are the key for emerging brands, new and veteran entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes to convert customers in digital spaces. With the availability of cost-effective advertising, content marketing, social outreach, email marketing and more, there has never been a better time to connect with your customers and grow your business

Infused with marketing wisdom that is as invaluable on day one as on day one thousand, Digital Marketing QuickStart Guide equips readers with the skills and strategies they need to reach customers and grow their businesses.

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