16 Beginner-Friendly Python and JavaScript Projects: Level 1 + 2 BUNDLE
16 Beginner-Friendly Python and JavaScript Projects: Level 1 + 2 BUNDLE
16 Beginner-Friendly Python and JavaScript Projects: Level 1 + 2 BUNDLE

16 Beginner-Friendly Python and JavaScript Projects: Level 1 + 2 BUNDLE

16 Beginner-Friendly Python and JavaScript Projects: Level 1 + 2 BUNDLE

16 Beginner-Friendly Python and JavaScript Projects: Level 1 + 2 BUNDLE

Python & JavaScript Programming Project Pack 1 + 2 | 16 Beginner Programming Projects | 15 Hrs. Estimated Completion Time
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Go beyond the book and master programming fundamentals with practical projects designed specifically for beginners to hone your skills. 

This collection of programming projects features expert, follow-along instruction across 16 individual projects that each focus on a different foundational programming concept. Projects can be completed in order or at your own pace, and a solution guide is provided for each if you get stuck. 

Includes lifetime access to 8 beginner-friendly coding projects with an estimated completion time of 3 hours. 

Programming Languages: Python, JavaScript, Nodejs | Number of Projects: 16 | Duration: 15 Hours | Skill Level: Beginner | Lifetime Access 


FizzBuzz (Python) – This classic learning game makes an appearance on many coding interviews to gauge an applicant’s Python looping and conditional functions. 

Random Number Generator (JavaScript) – Use HTML and JavaScript to create a functional random number generator – a practical programming skill that is called for in many real-life scenarios. 

Random Number Generator (Python CLI) - An alternate approach to a common programming problem that teaches you how to use interact with the terminal, manage arguments, and handle user input—all critical skills real-life programmers use every day. 

Coin Flip Simulator (Python CLI) - This deceptively simple project explores producing user-friendly interfaces and computing statistical results. 

Coin Flip Simulator (Web-Based; JavaScript) - This alternate approach to a common statistical scenario teaches solutions to common programming problems in a fun and interactive way. 

EyeDropper Color Picker (JavaScript) - Create a functional tool that allows a user to pick a color from any pixel on their screen using a Chrome-based API—this project simulates a real-life programming task and produces a useable tool as at the end. 

Currency Conversion App (Nodejs CLI) - At the end of this hands-on project you’ll have a handy command line interface tool that fetches real time data and produces instant results while exploring practical programming concepts such as APIs, handling HTTP requests, and command line interface exploration. 

Currency Conversion App (Web-Based; JavaScript) - An alternate approach to the functional currency conversion app that focuses on building block JavaScript concepts and simple form validation. 


Temperature Converter (Python) – Learn how to quickly build graphical interfaces surrounding a functional Fahrenheit to Celsius temperature converter. 

Binary/Decimal/Hex Converter (JavaScript) – Build a functional web-based app that converts numbers between binary, decimal, and hexadecimal formats and learn debugging fundamentals in the process. 

Alarm Clock (JavaScript) – Create a functional alarm clock using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This project covers a broad application of the programming languages used and covers numerous associated programming skills. 

Dice Roll Simulator (Python) – Build on the comparative simplicity of the Python-based Coin Flip Simulator project from Programming Project Pack #1 to build nested loops and more advanced logic. 

Dice Roll Simulator (JavaScript) - This alternate approach to the dice roll simulator uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to explore advanced logic using those languages. 

Countdown Timer (JavaScript) – Build a dynamic and interactive countdown timer using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This project introduces you to working with dates, time calculations, and user interaction along with an opportunity to put some other concepts you have learned to use customizing your final product and making it your own. 

Guess The Letter/Hangman Game (Python GUI) – Build a fun and functional Guess The Letter game and learn more about graphical application interfaces and APIs using Python along the way. 

Guess The Letter/Hangman Game (JavaScript) – In this project you will create the classic game as a web app. Our game allows setting various setup options, retrieving a random word from a web API, and guessing letters/words.

Robert Utterback is a software consultant and associate professor of computer science at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois. His PhD dissertation was all about parallel programming, but these days he spends his time teaching, consulting, and applying machine learning for text analytics.

What Is A Programming Project Pack? 

Programming is an applied skill which means the best way to learn how to program is to roll up your sleeves and dive right in. Our project-based learning approach takes core programming concepts and builds practical projects around them to maximize learning retention and produce real, satisfying progress. Together with follow-along guidance from our expert instructors and comprehensive solution guides in case you get stuck, Programming Project Packs are the best way to go beyond the book and build a robust programming foundation!