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“Everyone in this country should learn how to program because it teaches you how to think”
- Steve Jobs

Now Is the Perfect Time to Learn How to Program

According to, the average Entry Level Programmer salary in the United States is $85,293 as of August 2023!

According to, almost 60% of full-time programmers in 2022 didn't even have a bachelor's degree!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports employment of developer-related jobs is expected to grow by 25% from 2021 to 2031!

Programmers are needed in almost every industry – from tech and finance to government and academia! 

From the desk of John Donnachie,
Founder of

Hey Future Programmer 👋

Have you always wanted to learn how to program but didn't know where and how to start?

Have you felt overwhelmed and frustrated with the chaos of free, subpar online resources that seem more confusing than helpful?

Maybe you've considered purchasing one of those coding "bootcamps" only to almost have a heart attack when you saw the price or the time commitment.

Don't worry, there's a better way.

The QuickStart Guide Programming Bundle includes our 3 best-selling programming books - books that have already helped thousands of readers start their programming journeys – bundled together at the lowest price we've ever offered.

Each book is a comprehensive yet approachable guide written specifically for beginners.

Plus, go beyond the book with 16 expertly-crafted, step-by-step, engaging coding projects and immediately put what you learn into practice.

Don't wait - claim your QuickStart Guide Programming Bundle while we still have inventory left (we've sold out in the past) and begin your programming journey today.

I can't wait to see what you create!

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What People Have To Say About QuickStart Guides®

Upgrade Your Skills, Upgrade Your Life

Enhance Your Resume, Increase Your Earning Potential

Programming skills will enhance any resume. Leverage programming skills to get ahead in your current industry or to switch to the lucrative tech sector. Employers take notice when there are programming skills on a resume!

Stand Out from the crowd In any Profession 

Programming skills are becoming important in every profession, even for roles that didn't previously require them. Learning new skills prove to employers that you can adapt. This trend will continue to increase, stay ahead of the curve!

Break Into the Highly Paid Tech Industry

Skills that are in high demand command high compensation. This is especially true in the tech industry. Learning programming can be your key to starting a lucrative new career in the tech sector.

Future Proof Your Skills & create job security 

Jobs that used to be "dependable" in other industries are drying up. Programming skills prepare you to pivot with the ever-changing, tech-based world we live in. A solid grasp of programming means you can capitalize on opportunities others can't!

Use AI & ChatGPT to your advantage & leapfrog others

AI is not replacing people, people who know how to use AI are replacing those who don't. Utilize the power of AI to your advantage in your programming journey to stay ahead of the curve.

Think like a programmer and tackle any problem

Learning to program can rewire your brain to make you a better problem solver.

Programming teaches you how to effectively break down complex challenges into manageable steps. Cultivating a programmer’s outlook on problem solving is something you will use every day!

“After reading this book, I must say, it was one of the best decisions of my life.”

- Rohit customer


Why Everyone Loves QuickStart Guides®

Designed Specifically For Beginners 

We know how intimdating it can be to learn a new skill, especially something like programming. That's why we've purpose-built everything at specifically for beginners, no prior experience needed!

Developed by leading experts

These books and projects were expertly crafted by leading professionals with decades of experience. Each one brings their own unique insights to enhance your learning journey.

Self-Paced Learning

Learn on your own time, your own way. We don't have scheduled classes, bootcamps, or lectures. You have lifetime access to everything in the bundle so you can learn around your busy schedule.

In-depth Video Training

Each project includes a full video walkthrough, downloadable PDF instructions, and access to all the code! Follow along with our expert instructors as they provide clear and detailed instructions on what to do, how to do it and most importantly, why you are doing it!

Premium Lay-Flat Spiral Binding

Read while you code, code while you read! Our premium lay-flat spiral binding allows you to keep the book open while you are working through the coding projects included in the bundle.

🖥️ Project-Based Learning

The research is clear: Hands-on project-based learning is the best approach for retention and mastery.

Putting what you learn into practice right away means that you are engaging critical thinking skills and building on concepts you have already learned.

That’s why our books and project packs build around a series of practical projects that scale with your coding journey in complexity and difficulty while maintaining a self-paced learning environment.

Not only that, but a project-based learning approach mirrors the kind of work that professional programmers see in their day-to-day roles. There's no greater feeling of satisfaction than putting your skills into practice. Seeing everything "click" into place with a project-based approach builds on these little victories to deliver a great learning experience. When you've completed all the projects, you'll have a firm grasp on programming fundamentals.

How to Use The QuickStart Guides® Programming Bundle

Step 1

Read the Books! 

step 2

Complete the Projects!

step 3

Explore the Bonuses! 

🎉 Harness Your New Programming Skills & Upgrade Your Life!

Everyone Loves The QuickStart Guides Programming Bundle!

The 3 Programming Books

BOOK 1 of 3

Build Apps, Automate Tasks and More with Python

This book has taught thousands:

  • Practical Python Examples, Code Snippets, Plus Follow Along to Code Your Own Game!
  • How to Use Python for Web Design and Interfacing with GitHub, SQL, and Other Applications
  • Object-Oriented Programming Principles – Managing Data, Scripts, Logic, Inputs, Outputs, and More!
  • Programming Essentials – Debugging, Producing Clean Code, Best Practices, Time-Savers, and Tips

Inside Python QuickStart Guide

4 Parts | 21 Chapters | 367 Pages

Go Beyond the Book with QuickClips™

Set up your Python environment and code alongside the author via the high-quality QuickClip videos accessible throughout Python QuickStart Guide.

Jump straight to the video by scanning the QR code on your phone or entering the URL into your browser on any device!

Author: Robert Oliver

Written by Senior Full-Stack Developer and DevOps Manager 

Robert Oliver is a senior developer and DevOps consultant with over two decades of experience in the field. A full-stack programmer, Robert has architected both front-end and back-end systems used in technologies operating at scales ranging from small to enterprise.

Robert Oliver

BOOK 2 of 3

Leverage Big Data and Create + Manage Databases with SQL

This book has taught thousands:

  • The basic structure of databases: what they are, how they work, and how to successfully navigate them
  • How to use SQL to retrieve and understand data no matter the scale of a database 
  • The most important SQL queries, along with how and when to use them for best effect
  • Professional applications of SQL and how to “sell” your new SQL skills to your employer

Inside SQL QuickStart Guide

3 Parts | 10 Chapters | 221 Pages

Author: Walter Shields

Written by a Renowned Data Expert and Leading SQL Instructor

Walter Shields is a renowned data expert with over 25 years of experience managing data systems for start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and organizations in industries ranging from law and healthcare to retail. Walter is a LinkedIn Learning course creator of top-rated data analytics courses and a professional in data science and machine learning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 

Walter Shields

BOOK 3 of 3

Make Sites and Apps Beautiful with Modern HTML & CSS

This book has taught thousands how to:

  • Use the powerful combination of HTML5 and CSS3 to build functional and responsive web pages.
  • Produce attractive websites that look great on any browser and any device.
  • Incorporate forms, multimedia elements, and more into your web projects.
  • Produce clean, professional HTML documents using industry-standard tools such as GitHub.

Inside HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide

4 Parts | 17 Chapters | 331 Pages

Author: David DuRocher

Written by Web Design Veteran at a Fortune 500 Company

David DuRocher is a web development instructor and a 13+ year veteran at a Fortune 500 tech company. He is currently a technical account manager for Adobe and a web development instructor at Noble Desktop. David has also taught advanced tech and development concepts at the College of Technology, City University of New York.

David DuRocher

What You'll Find Inside a QuickStart Guide

Written by experts for a beginner audience.

Reader-friendly tables, charts, illustrations, and graphics.

Engaging callouts enhance comprehension and retention.

Online resources provide practical, hands-on applications.

Real Bestsellers.
Thousands of Positive Reviews.

Don't just take our word for it. These books are bestsellers with thousands of positive reviews from readers around the world.

Learn to Code from Experts
with Decades of Experience

Our authors and instructors have decades of industry experience and have taught tens of thousands of people from around the world how to program via their books and online courses.

Our authors and instructors have worked with

Don't Just Read–
Start Coding. Start Creating.

Programming is an 'applied skill' - you have to actually 'do it' in order to become proficient!

Experts agree that project-based learning is the #1 way to learn how to code. That's why we've paired our best-selling books with 16 hands-on coding projects that allow you to immediately apply what you've learned. 

  • 16 Beginner-Friendly, Hands-On Coding Projects
  • 15 Hours of Programming Practice
  • In-depth Video Walkthroughs
  • Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions and Support Guides

How The Coding Projects Work 

Step 1

Follow the Step-by-Step Prompts As You Write Your Own Code for Games, Apps and More!

step 2

Watch the In-Depth Video Walkthroughs from our Expert Instructors!

step 3

Start at Level 1 & Progress As Your Skills Improve and you Build More Advanced Projects!

Hear from Real Readers Who Have Started Coding with QuickStart Guides

"I came from a novice background, and this book really helped me learn how to build a website. I highly recommed it!"
- Andrew

"For the price for all 3 of them, you can't beat it! They are a phonomenal resource for those trying to get started in tech. "
- Nicholas

"I really like the supplemental resources and how the book is laid out. I love the spiral-binding. It's really easy to flip through for different info!"
- Quinn

"It's easy to read, it's easy to understand. I'd recommend this to someone who has no idea and they're just looking to get into it."
- Nik

"It's very easy to follow, it's very well written. It really broke everything down, especially the essentials. If you want to learn SQL, this is the way to go!"
- Arize

"I've done lots of online courses, every kind of SQL course and none of them are as explictic with specific details as this book."
- Ophelia

Who Is the QuickStart Guide Programming Bundle For?

People Looking For a Career Change

Python, SQL and HTML/CSS are beginner-friendly and in-demand skills - the perfect place to start!

People Looking to Advance Their Current Career 

Almost every industry uses programming in some capacity. Add these valuable skills to your resume to stand out from the pack, become more valuable and earn more!

Beginner Programmers

No experience? No problem! The hands-on learning provided by these QuickStart Guides will expedite your education and put you on the path to long-term programming success!

Experienced Programmers Who Need a Refresher

Refresh and expand upon what you already know to take your programming skills to a new level with industry-standard coding best practices and deployment techniques.

Don't Just Program, Become a Programmer

Get Immediate Access to 5 Free Downloadable Bonuses With Your Purchase


Supercharge Your Programming with ChatGPT (PDF + Videos)

Leverage the power of AI and ChatGPT to become the ultimate assistant on your coding journey. Use ChatGPT to help you identify errors in your code, provide ideas for new coding projects to practice and so much more!


Kickstarting Your Programming Career

Launching a new career as a programmer starts with a good coding foundation. Stand out from the crowd and learn how to position yourself for professional success.


A Comprehensive Guide to Learning Programming

Build good programming fundamentals and best practices to help create lasting programming success with all languages.


Building a Strong Coding Portfolio

Learn how to build a portfolio to showcase your programming knowledge that will wow potential employers and clients.


Navigating the Programming Job Market

Learn how to best communicate your new programming skills to employers and clients, how to ace technical interviews, and how to prepare for a long and successful career using what you've learned.

Here is Everything You Get with the QuickStart Guides Programming Bundle

📒 Python QuickStart Guide
(Spiral-Bound & eBook Formats)


📒 SQL QuickStart Guide
(Spiral-Bound & eBook Formats)


📒 HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide
(Spiral-Bound & eBook Formats)


💻 Programming Project Pack #1
(8 Beginner-Friendly Projects. 3 hours of hands-on coding)


💻 Programming Project Pack #2
(8 Beginner-Friendly Projects. 12 hours of hands-on coding)


TOTAL RETAIL Price: $291.92


+ GET 5 FREE Exclusive Bonuses!

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The Complete Bundle

$291.92 If purchased individually



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  • Spiral-bound copies of Python, SQL, and HTML & CSS QuickStart Guides!
  • Instant access to eBook versions of all 3 books (ePUBS & PDFs)!
  • Instant access to 16 online coding projects with 15 hrs. of coding practice!
  • Instant access to 5 Professional Programming PDF bonuses!
  • Lifetime access to all Digital Assets!

SAVE 59%


Just The Books

$161.94 if purchased individually



SAVE $95!



Tap button to securely check out on 

  • Spiral-bound copies of Python, SQL, and HTML & CSS QuickStart Guides!
  • Instant access to eBook versions of all 3 books (ePUBS & PDFs)!
  • Instant access to 5 Professional Programming PDF bonuses!
  • Lifetime access to all Digital Assets!
  • Does not include coding projects ($129.98 value)


All orders are protected by a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee 

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QuickStart Guides Have Thousands of Positive Reviews from Readers Around the World

This book has absolutely changed how I look at real estate and investing as a whole. Everything is light, bright, and easily accessible!



This book is my new bible. It's just so fantastic. I did not want to read a book about personal finance, bit I just couldn't put this down.



This book is written by people who know the stock market, who understand it ... it's written in plain English for people like me.



It's a wonderful book. After reading this book, I must say, it was one of the best decisions of my life.



If you're hesitant about buying this book, I would 100% recommend going for it ... the book will repay itself thousands of times over.



This book was very useful and it's not hard to understand. I recommend everyone to get it.




QuickStart Guides are the #1 trusted source for learning new skills.

QuickStart Guides are the #1 book series for beginners who need to learn a new skill. Each QuickStart Guide is written by leading experts and is designed for maximum reader comprehension and immediate application. Put what you’ve learned into practice with hands-on exercises, in-depth tutorials, and amazing online resources.

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