Symon He, CFP, MBA 

Symon He is the author of Real Estate Investing QuickStart Guide and Rental Property Investing QuickStart Guide

Symon He is a licensed real estate investor and consultant, the author of Real Estate Investing QuickStart Guide and Rental Property Investing QuickStart Guide, and a best-selling online business and real estate investing course instructor. Symon is also the cofounder of LearnBNB, a boutique consultancy and education blog that specializes in the home-sharing economy. His training courses in real estate investing, deal structuring, and financial modeling have reached over 300,000 students in nearly 180 countries. His real estate investing expertise has been cited in numerous prominent media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Forbes, CNBC, and Skift. He has previously partnered with prominent finance luminaries such as's consulting services help private real estate investors make smart acquisitions and profitably structure their deals.

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With updated tips that are specific to pandemic challenges, Real Estate Investing QuickStart Guide is an information-rich book about what it takes to become profitable in real estate."

Susan Waggoner, Foreward Clarion Review

About Real Estate Investing QuickStart Guide

Symon’s debut book, Real Estate Investing QuickStart Guide, is built on his considerable experience and success in residential, commercial, and home-sharing real estate investment ventures.With over 300,000 students in nearly 180 countries, Symon knows exactly what new investors need to get right, what they should avoid, and how they can protect themselves from risk while breaking into the real estate market on their own terms. Symon’s clear and casual writing style make the sometimes complicated world of real estate investing infinitely more approachable and understandable.

A crash course in investment that is flush with useful details, Symon He’s Rental Property Investing QuickStart Guide is a helpful text that illustrates how beginners might become rental property investors and attain their financial aims."

Joseph S. Pete, Foreward Clarion Review

About Rental Property Investing QuickStart Guide

Symon’s second book, Rental Property Investing QuickStart Guide, presents a fresh new look at how anyone can leverage the power of rental property investing to create a passive income stream.While other investment vehicles may come and go, rental property investing has stood the test of time. Direct real estate investments—and the income generated by rental properties—play a major part in minting millionaires on a regular basis.Not only do rental property owners enjoy positive cash flow in the form of rents paid, but each of the properties they own appreciates in value. With tax-advantaged profits and a high degree of control over your investments, rental property investing is an attractive and streamlined approach to wealth creation.

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